Paranormal Peeps

Fear Factory Investigation

September 07, 2022 Paranormal Peeps Season 2 Episode 18
Paranormal Peeps
Fear Factory Investigation
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Show Notes

The peeps talk about their most recent investigation at the old Portland Cement Company cement works, known today as the Fear Factory.  The cement works was originally built in the 1890, and was almost completely destroyed by a fire.  The cement works were a dangerous place to work, and many people were killed or mangled by the machinery.   Even the next door railway tracks have seen their fair share of death, including one unfortunate soul this year.  

The team was invited out to the cement factory with our friends Broken Wings Paranormal.  The investigation was book ended by time spent in the catacombs.  The team experienced a dark entity enter the area, had the stairs get hit, and even picked up an explicit EVP.

The peeps make an announcement for our upcoming public investigations in October.  Tickets can be found on EventBrite. 

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