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Camp Floyd Investigation

September 21, 2022 Paranormal Peeps Season 2 Episode 19
Paranormal Peeps
Camp Floyd Investigation
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Show Notes

The peeps invite Wendi from Demolished Salt Lake podcast to come on and share in the history and the ghosts of Camp Floyd.  Camp Floyd was created to quell the feared "Great Mormon Uprising", which never came.  Instead the camp brought much needed supplies and trade to an area that was suffering from intense drought.   Camp Floyd was a hard place to live being isolated by some 40+ miles from Salt Lake City, there wasn't much for the soldiers to do.  Death became an unfortunate way of life as suicide, dysentery, and other diseases plague the military camp.  

The team talks about our experiences as we investigated what is left of Camp Floyd, and the town of Fairfax.  You can find Wendi and her podcast Demolished Salt Lake in the same places that you listen to your favorite paranormal podcast, or click on the link

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