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Spirit Photography and Thoughtography

December 14, 2022 Paranormal Peeps Season 2 Episode 24
Paranormal Peeps
Spirit Photography and Thoughtography
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Show Notes

Spirit photography is the act of taking pictures, and having spirits / ghosts appear in your images.  One man claimed that he could do this without fail, and produced many pictures of people posing for a picture and having a deceased loved one in the picture.  This worked out great for him until one day, he took a picture of a local doctor, when he reviewed the picture he noticed the gentlemen who was supposed to be a ghost in the picture.  That person was very much alive.  Even P. T. Barnum got involved proving the pictures to be fraudulent.  The man was even tried for fraud, but was acquitted of the charges.  Listen and decide if he was a fraud or real.

Thoughtography is the ability to use one's mind to imprint images onto photographic paper.  A man from Chicago created thousands of these images in the course of three years.  All of these images were created under the careful eye of witnesses trying to debunk him, and a research doctor conducting the experiments.  The one big catch was the man had to be intoxicated to produce the images.  Can this be real?  You be the judge.

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