Paranormal Peeps

50 States of Hauntingness - Part 3

March 15, 2023 Paranormal Peeps Season 3 Episode 5
Paranormal Peeps
50 States of Hauntingness - Part 3
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Show Notes

Gas up the motorhome, pack the snacks, and find a sitter for the kids as we finish up our whirlwind adventure around the United States stopping at one haunted location in each of the 50 states.  This episode we make stops in North Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, and New Jersey to name a few.  One of the locations is a whopping 175,000 sqft. or approx 4 acres of living space.  How many ghosts, spirits, orbs, and just general spookiness will we find at each of these locations?  Come join us and find out.  

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