Paranormal Peeps

Women's Para-Retreat Weekend and Conference

March 29, 2023 Paranormal Peeps Season 3 Episode 6
Paranormal Peeps
Women's Para-Retreat Weekend and Conference
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Show Notes

In celebration of National Women's History month, the peeps invited Sarah from Hidden Realms Paranormal and Jenn Jacobs from Women's Para-Retreat Weekend.   
The peeps discuss with Jenn the founder of the Para-Retreat Weekend & Conference about her paranormal experiences, and all of the amazing details about this wonderful conference.  We even discuss The Dogman and Pukwudgies.

If you want to buy tickets, apply as a speaker, or just get more information about this amazing conference, go to

The website for the Women's Para-Retreat is , the FB page is and the Men of the Paranormal Con FB page is   Eclipse and WPR are also on TikTok and Instagram.

Eerie Paranormal Podcast,  FB page link

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