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Mackay Mansion Paranormal Investigation

February 21, 2024 Paranormal Peeps Season 4 Episode 5
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Mackay Mansion Paranormal Investigation
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Show Notes


Built in 1859 by George Hearst, the Mackay Mansion allows people to step back in time into an authentic Victorian era mansion.  It is one of the few remaining original structures that survived both the major fires.  It also is one of the few building with original furniture, carpet, wall paper, chandeliers, and much more! 

 George Hearst gained his family fortune from the corresponding mine & sold the property in 1871 to John Mackay, an Irish immigrant. Shortly after, John Mackay hit the Bonanza Strike, one of the largest silver strikes in world history.  Mackay split the profits with his three partners: James Fair, James Flood, and William O'Brien. They became known as "The Big Four" or "The Silver Kings" of Virginia City. John Mackay, James Fair, James Flood, and William O'Brien, conducted all their mining business inside the Mackay Mansion mining office, while Mr. Mackay lived with his family in the rest of the building.

 This historic mansion is also a well known haunted location. The Mackay Mansion has been featured on the Ghost Adventures and the Dead Files. Famous actor Johnny Depp also had his first paranormal experience at the mansion. Some paranormal activity you might experience during your visit includes our two little girls running on the staircase, our maid Harriet in the parlor, our Shadow Man upstairs, and more. 

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